About Our Company

Slimline Marketing began operations in the US and Canada. Our office, manufacturing, and main distribution center is located in Clearwater, Florida.

Slimline Marketing was formed to provide an opportunity for people to go into business for themselves while providing a high quality and effective line of products for our Associates. We have spent countless hours developing turnkey, repeatable marketing strategies to help our Associates succeed.

We believe in fair pricing. Our pricing structure was designed from the ground up to benefit the Associate. It's like no other plan you've ever seen before.

We pledge to continually seek and add new and cutting-edge products and services for our Associates. By doing so we help them to maintain market share, build and expand business, and offer exciting products to their customers.

Mission Statement

Slimline Marketing supplies marketing tools, business structure, customer support, and technology for all business associates to be successful. Intern, we expect them to support and train any new associates in order for them to be successful as well.

With the Business Partner's generosity, they may be able to help start, or lay the foundation of a business for a New Associate and truly CHANGE WHAT MATTERS in their life.

We encourage ALL of our Associates to pass along the kindness they've been shown by doing something kind for 3 other people. Whether it's helping someone with their health and weight, change their financial situation, or simply load groceries into someone else's car.

Slimline Marketing encourages people to "Pay It Forward" without an expectation to receive back.