Slimeline Marketing pays 3 ways:

    Retail Sales (Paid Daily)

  1. Retail sales are achieved by purchasing wholesale and selling retail. The more you sell the more you make!
  2. Retail Sales (Paid Daily)

  3. CAB Bonuses are one-time sales bonuses paid to the Selling Associate on a weekly basis. This is paid only as a special incentive. You will see these bonuses most often in sales of Promotional Packages or Services. Bonus Money is paid to the Associate based on their rank at the time they sponsor a Pending Associate, only when that sponsored Pending Associate is qualified to become an Associate.
  4. NOTE: These Cab bonuses range from $100 to $260 depending on rank at the time of sale.*

    Residual Commission (Paid Monthly)

  5. Residual Commissions are computed on sales made directly or indirectly by the Selling Associate, but paid according to the regular Commission Schedule on a monthly basis.

The Commission is a percentage of the Total Business Volume (TBV). This includes all products and services sold by or through Slimline Marketing and may have their own calculated specific commission. Commissions are paid through seven levels. Commission is paid monthly. The most common schedule, based on Business Volume, is:


The company will develop and implement a training program for Associates. All Associates should be trained and certified as trained by one of our Certification Trainers (CT). Product knowledge policies, terms, conditions, procedures, marketing advice, and sales advice are all things the associates should understand and be able to accurately and fairly relate by a specific level of rank. All promotions and certificates for the same will be tracked, filled out and issued by the training department. An untrained Associate may not be compensated, nor promoted beyond the 4th level, Group Manager. Our Training Officer will be announced. All CT's will pay an amount TBD to attend a training session. All attending Associates will pay an amount TBD to be qualified. All Associates will need to pass a test to be certified. A few key questions will have to be answered correctly to achieve Certification. The costs of training materials are to be determined. For now, it is expected to be paid by the Associate. (This may change to the company, the CT, or the Training Officer.)

* CAB graph example is based on the sale of the 12 Bottle Success Pack. All other success packs are pro-rated based on the success pack purchased.